About Us


Garage Glass is Texas’s first and only industrial headshop boutique. A place with quality products at can’t beat prices and the most knowledgeable and friendliest staff in the Lone Star state! We thrive on staying up to date on the latest trends in smoke accessories to keep our customers excited to come see us again and again.

Garage Glass was brought about as a nostalgic nod to youth, mischief, and the excitement of sneaking into the garage to take part in activity perhaps a roommate or significant other wouldn’t exactly approve of. It also brings to mind parties with a group of friends, listening to loud (too loud) music, making ridiculous dares, swapping hilarious stories, smoking, drinking, and creating long lasting friendships during the height of summer.

Garage Glass has a mission to break the negative stereotype of dark, dungeon like, untasteful and carelessly thrown together traditional smoke shops by creating a modern and hip industrial glass emporium focusing solely on tried and trusted tobacco accessories at exceptionally affordable costs to the Houston populous.

Maria Ashraf, CEO of Garage Glass

Maria has a graduate degree in business administration from the University of Utah. She has more than 10 years of experience in tobacco retail management. Because of this, she had gained a better understanding of the items that her clients enjoy, demand, and come back for. With the use of this key insight, she established Garage Glass—a smoke shop that offers quality products at hard-to-beat prices.